Technical administration of buildings

  • Overview of the technical state of the building - initial audit
  • Establishment of a revision plan for technical facilities and their securing; monitoring the deadlines for revisions and removing any defects
  • Maintenance and repairs of technological and other facilities in the building
  • Ensuring regular revisions and controls in accordance with CSN standards, safety regulations and manufacturers’ regulations, namely:
    • - revisions of electrics and lightning conductors
    • - revisions of fire dampers
    • - revisions of air-handling systems
    • - revisions of CO and CH4 sensors
    • - checks and revisions of gas boiler rooms
    • - revisions of the CH4 regulating station
    • - revisions of pressure bottles
    • - revisions of chimneys
    • - certified measuring of emissions
  • Elaboration of operational rules for technical facilities in the building
  • Comprehensive ensuring of operation and maintenance of technical facilities in the buildings
  • Technical surveillance for investors supplying the technical facilities for the buildings
  • Operation of the technical facilities in the building pursuant to the operational rules and the manufacturers’ and suppliers’ requirements in order to ensure all designed parameters of the building
  • Adjusting and putting air-conditioning systems into operation, supply and installation of air-handling systems, heating and cooling systems, filtrating inserts for air-handling equipment
  • Small-scale maintenance and repairs
  • Small-scale construction maintenance, simple glazier and joiner works including moving furniture within the building
  • Supply and assembling of high-current electrics
  • Revision of electric appliances, pressure bottles and boiler rooms
  • Organization and ensuring of investments, adjustments and revisions
  • Ensuring disinfection, disinfestation and rodent extermination of the common premises

Electro-installations, high-current, low-current


In order to provide a wide range of services we implement low voltage cabling, electrical appliances up to 1000 V for all types of buildings. We install all main parts of electric wiring and appliances in the buildings and outside them.

This includes:

  • projecting activities
  • installation of the wiring
  • earthing the grids, protection against the impact of lighting and over-voltage
  • assembly and installation of distributors, installation of socket and light circuits including revisions and maintenance


Other provided systems and services include:

  • antennas, CCTV, house communication systems, EZS (electronic security system), EPS (electronic fire alarm system), access systems
  • sound systems in buildings, evacuation public address system, unified time
  • data cabling metallic and optical, Wi-Fi