Occupational safety and health

OSH is a set of measures provided for by the legislation and individual employers. It represents an effective prevention against potential risks or damages to health during the working process. Furthermore it helps to protect property and human health. The duty to ensure OSH is set by law for any company or self-employed persons.

  • OSH documentation
  • Job categorisation – categorisation pursuant to
  • Definition of OSH duties (central OSH directive, organization)
  • Directives of the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Transportation directives - duties for the operation of vehicles
  • Syllabuses for individual types of training
  • Traumatology plan - first aid principles
  • Schedules of revisions, checks etc.
  • Revisions and checks of electric equipment (appliances, tools etc.), checks and revisions of electric devices
  • Checks and revisions of lightning conductors
  • Revisions and checks of transformers and distributors
  • Checks and revisions of gas appliances and equipment, revisions of pressure bottles
  • Naming people responsible for operation, local operational regulations to appliances, if original documentation is missing
  • We will ensure and supply necessary safety signs
  • Revisions of the safety of racks and ladders