Fire safety and prevention

Fire safety is a set of measures provided for by the legislation and by the employer. These measures are intended to prevent damages or danger to human health during the working process as well as damages of the company’s and private property. In legal persons, the statutory body is responsible for the fulfilment of fire safety duties; in natural persons the persons themselves or a responsible representative, or the owner of the rented premises (unless the contract stipulates otherwise). We will ensure:

  • the elaboration of fire safety documentation defining the FS conditions of the activities carried out
  • assessment of fire hazards, elaboration of the documentation for a rented or owned workplace and premises
  • establishment of the organization of ensuring fire safety
  • fire regulations, fire-alarm guidelines and evacuation plans
  • documentation for fire-fighting and the fire-registration office rules
  • thematic plan and time schedule of staff training and professional training of preventive fire guards and persons responsible for fire safety prevention
  • expert training of preventive fire guards
  • presence during the inspections of the fire brigade
  • training of employees with an instructor or via e-learning
  • establishment of a fire book, regular updates of documentation

We check, revise and repair:

  • fire extinguishers and hydrants (fire pipelines and dry risers)
  • fire sealants
  • fire closures (doors, windows, covers, etc.)
  • emergency lights
  • fire dampers
  • fire insulation, fire paints and spraying
  • systems conducting away heat and smoke; electronic fire alarm system, fixed extinguishing equipment etc.
  • we ensure regular preventive FS controls according to the category of the building, the scope and needs of the client (yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly etc.)